5 Element Dance

Using the 5 Elements as a foundation, during these dance sessions we will move through the Elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Spirit. We will explore how each of the Elements strives to be expressed through our bodies. Using simple warm-ups and exercises targeting the bodies’ medicinal energy lines - to awaken the energies of the Elements - you will experience the different qualities of Nature's Forces. Together with suggestively elemental musical playlists and creative visualizations inspired by Nature's dynamic interactions, you will be guided into the experience of the subtle qualities which the Elements provide within us. 

Listening to Nature's Wisdom allows us to fully express all parts of ourselves, and these sessions will give you a foundation to dance in an authentic, honest way. Moving from the solid support of the Earth, into the shapeshifting nature of Water, to the explosive, transformative power of Fire, the randomness of Wind into the serene certainty of Spirit, this approach to movement is a light-hearted way to build more energy, become more embodied, to explore new ways of moving, without having to follow and learn a choreography. It is really about letting Nature’s forces speak through your body.

Going deeper, we can also delve into the structures behind this beautiful dance concept: Dancing with Eastern as well as a Shamanic perspectives of the Elements. Through the different exercises, you will learn to feel where the energy lines are in the body, to which body parts they are connected, what qualities they carry, and how to creatively use these energies for your own personal expression, as well as connecting with their natural healing properties. Gaining this simple wisdom will not only help you feel more balanced, but also give you the ability to use simple movement practices to raise different physical and emotional qualities, whenever they feel needed for good health, or appropriate for personal expressions  

 Whether you are completely new to dance and movement, or are a skilled dancer, this experience will give you new perspectives on movement and show you how to use your direct experience of the Elements in Nature as an inspiration for creative self-expression. 

As this practice aims to make this experience approachable for everyone, no matter how fit you are, you can decide for yourself how physical you want to be, based on what is appropriate for you. 

Everyone is unique and each phase of life requires us to approach creative movement and healing practices differently. With that in mind I offer 5 Element Dance sessions for all different age groups.  

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Camp Creative

I'm excited to let you know that from the 9th - 13th of January 5 Element Dance will be a part of Camp Creative in Bellingen. 

Element dance allows us to feel nature’s energies, and this five-day experience will give you a foundation to connect to yourself in an authentic, honest way.

Move through the Elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space and enjoy nature’s forces moving through your body.

Moving from the solid support of Earth, into the shape-shifting nature of Water, to the explosive, transformative power of Fire, the randomness of Wind into the serene certainty of Spirit, this course is a light-hearted way to become more embodied, to explore new ways of unchoreographed movement.

Each day we will take time to share ideas about the qualities and role of each Element and how we can see them expressed in nature.

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I'm looking forward to dance with you :) 


Linéa (Norway)

The 5 Element Dance experience made me see dance in a completely different way. I had been really seeing dance as a way of making beautiful body shapes, though it has now become a practice where I can express parts of myself I never openly showed. It is really freeing to see myself move so naturally between a fun and celebrative way of movement, into a sensual expression, into the ugly dark sides of my being and beyond. Each Element really takes you on a journey into a different experience of yourself. I feel more in my body and am much more aware of how my body and nature are really only extensions of each other. 

Summer’s way of guiding us was really inclusive, allowing us all to feel a part of the experience that we were creating together. Her background in 5 Element practices was really helpful in getting us to learn more about the Elements and go deeper into the practices, yet as the aim of the course was to learn from experience, she never shared her knowledge in an overwhelming way. 


Cami (U.S.)

The 5 Element Dance experience is a really unique way of movement. I could clearly feel how each Element brought different emotions and feelings to the surface. It was a really powerful and fun way to connect to myself and Nature on a creative level. 

Summer guides the practices and exercises in a clear and lighthearted way, which makes it really approachable for everyone. Though the exercises were simple, together they were really effective at bringing us deeper into experiencing the qualities of each Element. I have moved in ways I did not know my body could move, which was a really great experience. Summer holds a safe space, allowing everyone to be themselves and express in their own unique way, which helped everyone to go deep into their own journey of the Elements, while at the same time having a lot of fun together as a group.